Cycle route plans for Wallasey

On 3 June, the Government announced £10m from the Emergency Active Travel Fund would be allocated to councils in Merseyside, including Wirral. Conservative councillors welcomed this additional cash but urged the Council to consult with residents on any proposed changes. You can read that news article in the Wirral Globe here.

On 14 July, councillors in Wallasey were shown details plans for the first time. We again asked for details of how residents living alongside the proposed route (Wheatland Lane, Liscard Road, Seaview Road, Hose Side Road, Grove Road and Warren Drive) would be consulted over the plans to:

  • Remove on street parking for most residents on the route
  • Remove disabled parking bays
  • Remove some pedestrian refuges (traffic islands)
  • Remove the Hose Side Road roundabout
  • Remove the Grove Road roundabout

We were promised that this leaflet would be delivered to every house in Wallasey, ahead of the deadline for responses to the first consultation of 6 September.

So far, not a single resident has told us they have received that leaflet. So, to make sure people are aware, we have written to 800 households ourselves.

On this page we've included links to the detailed site plans, the official 'first' consultation and our own initial survey. Anyone who takes part in our survey will also be kept up to date by us on this plan.

On Sunday 6 September, the Secretary of State for Transport told councils to stop abusing the funds he had awarded them for green transport. Read that here.



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