Local News

Supporting tenants over winter

Following this report in the Wirral Globe, Wirral's Conservatives Councillors have reassured renters affected by coronavirus that they will continue to be supported over autumn and winter through comprehensive measures.

Green Homes Grants on the way for Wirral

Homeowners and landlords in Wirral can now see for themselves how the new Green Homes Grant scheme can help make their homes warmer and more energy efficient.

Back our campaign to build modern council homes in Wirral

Between 1997 and 2010, councils across the North West built just 260 new homes.  Since 2010, this has improved slightly to 1,070 but still none have been built in Wirral.

It’s time Wirral Council put that right.

Campaign wins breathing space for Liscard shops

In a dramatic last minute decision, Wirral’s outgoing Cabinet has agreed with demands from local Conservative Councillors to delay the reintroduction of parking charges on the Borough’s high streets and country parks.