Wallasey constituency

The Wallasey Constituency elects one Member of Parliament at every General Election.  The results of the 2019 General Election in Wallasey are here.  Thank you to everyone who voted for us - including those who voted Conservative for the first time - helping to increase our vote since 2017.

Within the constituency, there are six wards that each elect three councillors to Wirral Borough Council.  The six wards are:

  1. Leasowe & Moreton East
  2. Liscard (including Egremont)
  3. Moreton West & Saughall Massie
  4. New Brighton
  5. Seacombe (including Poulton)
  6. Wallasey (including Wallasey Village)

The Conservative Party in this constituency meets regularly and welcomes new members.  You can join online here.  

We are also keen to select new candidates to stand for us in Council and Parliamentary elections.  

We also have a monthly Supper Club, that visits a different restaurant each time, and is open to any member. 

The Wallasey Central Conservative Club, which is independent of the local Party, is based on Manor Road, Liscard and is a thriving social club with 600 members. The club boasts its own bowling green, four snooker tables, a members lounge and a function room. New members are always welcome.

Click here to go to the History of Wallasey website 

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We need volunteers to help ensure we run a full operation in target areas at the next elections
Councillors, candidates and activists meet for a couple of hours on Saturday mornings to deliver leaflets and letters.
If you prefer to help us at a time that suits you, delivering a newsletter to 150 or so houses is a great way to help!
It's really important that we speak to residents about our plans for the future and the way in which Labour is failing the people of Wirral.
If you would like to make a donation, tick this box and our treasurer will be in touch with how you can help us in this way.
Not everyone is in when we knock on their door and other voters prefer a call. Let us know if you can phone voters from the comfort of your own home!
We're looking to select candidates to stand in the 2021 Wirral Council elections.
Every new member makes us stronger and it only costs £2.09 a month! Download the Membership Application Form above or click on the link at the top of this page.


Green Homes Grants on the way for Wirral

Homeowners and landlords in Wirral can now see for themselves how the new Green Homes Grant scheme can help make their homes warmer and more energy efficient.

Back our campaign to build modern council homes in Wirral

Between 1997 and 2010, councils across the North West built just 260 new homes.  Since 2010, this has improved slightly to 1,070 but still none have been built in Wirral.

It’s time Wirral Council put that right.

Campaign wins breathing space for Liscard shops

In a dramatic last minute decision, Wirral’s outgoing Cabinet has agreed with demands from local Conservative Councillors to delay the reintroduction of parking charges on the Borough’s high streets and country parks.

Council to launch new crackdown on Dips disorder

New proposals described as Wirral’s ‘biggest crackdown on yobs so far’ after problems at Wirral’s coast have been welcomed by residents and councillors.

As lockdown eased, large crowds started gathering at The Dips in Wallasey, leading to anti-social behaviour, litter and violence.

Council seeks injunction to have travellers moved from Dips

Wirral Council is applying for an injunction to have travellers removed from the Dips at New Brighton, following concerns from residents and local councillors.

It is almost two years to the day since more than 20 caravans set up camp at the popular local beauty spot.